Organic cotton for Baby and newborn

Natural, organic, non-bleached cotton.
Ordinary cotton plants are the most fertilised and chemically exposed plants. Some 25% of the world’s insecticides and 10% pesticides are used in growing ordinary cotton.
ORGANIC cotton, in contrast, is grown without using any pesticides or insecticides. It is gathered by hand. No chemicals or colour agents containing heavy metals or organic chlorine compounds are used in the production of organic cotton textiles. This is especially important when choosing clothes for babies and children, as their skin is very sensitive and easily damaged. If your baby is wearing clothes made of organic materials, you do not have to worry if they are chewing their shirt sleeves.
Every time you buy organic cotton products, you help reduce the earth’s environmental pollution, and can rest assured that your children will live in a cleaner world.
Most importantly, however, your heart will be happy to know that you are giving your children only the best.